PowerTech Water’s ElectraMet™ System: The Most Advanced Solution for Removal of Metals from Water Streams

Engineered with PowerTech Water’s patent-pending Capacitive Coagulation technology, ElectraMet is an electrochemical filter that solves the problem of removing heavy metals from water. It uses activated carbon electrodes and small amounts of electricity to actively attract, immobilize and filter metals with over 99% selectivity and no sludge production for 100% water recovery.

Energy efficient, high temperature tolerant (80oC), and acid and alkali tolerant, ElectraMet offers an exceptional array of benefits.

ElectraMet is:

  • Chemical Free. The ElectraMet process eliminates costly chemicals.
  • Sludge Free. The electrochemical technology eliminates sludge and sludge disposal.
  • Cost Effective. ElectraMet requires minimal CapEx and low OpEx.
Our Approach

How Does ElectraMet Work?

Heavy Metal Removal from Wastewater with No Chemicals or Sludge
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